wine country photography
   Welcome to the inspiring photography gallery of  Michael Ecton. Check out the amazing aerial acrobatics of those magicians of flight, in the hummingbird gallery. with a large collection of hummingbirds from California, Arizona, and Costa Rica.

  Also browse the colorful vineyard pallets of the Sonoma and Napa wine country. From vineyard vistas and intimate grape closeups

  Take a wine country photo tour . Explore the back roads of beautiful Sonoma County, with it's diverse wine regions, river, forests, and stunning coast. Hot spots on the map reveal hidden photos and descriptions. Come explore the winecountry

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Michael Ecton
"Photographyto me  is like frozen light.
A photograph presents a single split second in time. In that frozen moment, when all the elements of good photography are working;  powerful subject matter, good composition, and most importantly uncommon light, the resulting image has the ability to reach deeply into the psyche of the viewer and evoke a strong emotional response. "                                            Michael Ecton

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